Concept work for Citydrive

You are running a business and your strongest competitor is Uber. Well, that's not funny.

I had the opportunity to get an insight into a company who is doing exactly that. Citydrive from Guadalajara, Mexico - where I have spent a couple of weeks during my abroad semester in 2016. There is a big market for safe taxi services as you can imagine. Before even working at citydrive a lot of people told me to use this services because it´s more safe. It works fast and the service experience is great. Especially at night. Also you don´t need to negotiate because you are a foreigner.

Working on a concept for another project inside this company was interesting. I have met a lot of lovely and passionated people and I am grateful for this experience.


It took me a little bit to undrestand the idea behind the project. It´s kind of a private bus transportation with fixed routes. The first step was to collect the information from different departments. After that I have started to scribble some ideas.


Searching for a fast way to switch between different routes I have stumbled across the horizontal card navigation. I have tested it on my device and it worked out pretty well, so I thought it would make sense to use it at that time.  Maybe I would try to find another solution today.