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Whilst studying, I always spent time working for both start-ups and corporates, focusing on quality assurance, user research and user testing with paper prototypes during early stages of product development. My curiosity about human factors in interaction design led me to investigate the relationship of an individual in society and behavioral effects through product usage. Working closely with developers, creating assets and interfaces from scratch as part of my daily job, prepared me well for being a contributor in an effective and productive environment. I am glad to have gained professionally working in different companies, as it allowed me to be more experimental in my university projects.

At the age of six, my home changed from the Ural to the Bavarian mountain scenery, when my family made the move from Russia to Germany. It was there, during four great years of vocational training, that I found my passion in Media Design and Technology. When I felt the need for change and better perspectives, I moved to Berlin to study interaction design at btk - Hochschule für Gestaltung, which turned out to be one of the most life changing decisions so far. I truly enjoy the professional, yet open-minded attitude present in the Berlin tech scene.